Laser By Tina

Introduction to Tina

I have been in the beauty business since 1991. I have 30 years experience & I enjoy meeting new clients & serving them with all their beauty needs. Customer service and customer satisfaction is my number 1 priority. 

I specialize in Permanent Hair Removal. I do Laser hair removal using a state-of-the-art machine by Lumenis. The Lightsheer Diode machine targets pigmented hair. It will not treat white, grey, blonde or red hair. I also do Electrolysis . This is the first & original method of Permanent Hair Removal. Electrolysis treats all skin types & all hair color. This method unlike laser will gets rid of all stubborn white, grey, blonde or red hair types, as well as pigmented hair. I also provide the service of Photo Skin Rejuvenation. This machine is the VPL (Variable Pulse Light) laser machine. This machine treats all skin conditions such as: Collagen Remodeling (for fine lines & wrinkles). This is the most effective non-surgical tightening for loose skin on the face & body. It treats Melasma, birth marks, sun damaged skin, age spots and freckles. It also treats broken capillaries on the face including Rosacea & spider veins on the legs. We can also remove all Cherry Angioma’s on the body. Other services I provide are Waxing, Facials, Teeth Whitening and Eyebrow Microblading .


Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Hair Removal



Eyebrow Microblading